Eco-Friendly products that are designed to handle some of the toughest environmental mediation and cleaning problems


For soil contamination, including oil and chemical spills, as well as for maximum soil regeneration for agricultural production, Renew is an effective and easy to use cleaning agent.

Mold Renew

The words "black mold" strike fear in the hearts of any homeowner, and yet both mold and mildew are pervasive in our environment. Over the last few years harsh chemicals and costly removal processes have become the norm in the marketplace.

Parts Renew

When the team at Earth Care envisioned the best possible all purpose cleaner, we knew we needed to make it water soluble (no VOCs) and make it easy to use without the need for protective equipment or concerns over irritations from its use.

What is RENEW?


What is RENEW

a.) Renew is a cleaning agent formulated from a proprietary nanotechnology formula that contains various plants and vegetables extracts, sequester­ants, surfactants and hyper-wetting agents that produce an extremely safe, organic, and effective cleaning agent. Renew is non-toxic, people safe and environmentally safe. Renew uses a cutting edge nanotechnology of micelles to target hydro­carbons, bacteria, and fungi on most substrates and surfaces.
b.) Renew uses micelles nanotechnology that has opposing charges at its ends. One end is Hydro­philic (having an affinity for water) the other end is Hydrophobic (antagonistic to water). These electri­cally charged particles when activated with water continue to repel each other in a ceaseless random motion. This micelles nanotechnology allows them to effectively penetrate most substrates, soils
(sub-surface), and waters (sub-surface) contami­nation.
How does RENEW Work on Hydrocarbons, Bacte­ria, and Fungi?
a.) Renew micelles comes in contact with Hydro­carbon Molecules (ions) penetrating, locking and sequestering the ions in suspension. This disrupts the bonding of molecules (ions) in the Hydrocar­bons. This action is simultaneously multiplied by Billions of other Micelles, the undesirable contami­nation is dispersed into individual particles that do not have the ability to recombine and bond.
b.) Renew emulsifies the Hydrocarbons into Nano-emulsions, encapsulates these particles and dispersing the soluble contaminants throughout the water where biodegradation begins to take place immediately.